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We love sex.
We just don't love the wet feeling that comes after.

The underwear you never knew you needed. Until now.

We are on a mission to to take the "eek" out of post-sex leaks, drips & drops with our absorbent panties and in doing so, help all people embrace their bodies and the perfectly normal, wonderful things that they do.

We've been there.

Listen, we love sex. We really do.

But the post-coitus drip & gush of wetness (that sometimes came hours later) drove us crazy. 

So we decided to fix it by creating the world's first post-coitus underwear.

Comfy & discreet, our underwear is meant to be worn right after sex, so no more sitting over the toilet and doing your best kegel moves (you can't just pee out semen).

Get done and get going without worrying about unpleasant drips, drops or wetness.

How we give back

We want to leave the world a more beautiful place.

That is why we are committed to only using recycled, sustainable or compostable packaging, helping to eliminate single-use panty liners with our underwear, and planting one tree for each order.

Meet the founder

As a lifelong entreprenuer, passionate about women-led and female-founded companies, Maya Page wanted to create a simple solution for an everday problem that many people run across.

Pie Happens wants to celebrate every body and every person - from the beautiful things that our bodies are capable of doing, to accepting and celebrating perfectly normal bodily functions.